Web & mobile development

We design and develop sophisticated web platform and mobile Apps.


Device prototyping

In our laboratory, we design and realize hardware prototypes for Human-Machine Interface systems.


Start-up acceleration

We help talented people with ideas having potential impact in launching and scaling their business.

Business consulting

We support companies in reorganizing their business, in strategic planning, and in market penetration.





QIRIS creates, design and develops web and mobile solutions tailored on the business processes of our customers. Our business to business solutions include versatile, scalable and easy-to-use web and mobile applications, smart NFC tags, QR codes, and novel technology that actually improve the way in which companies operate.


QIRIS leverages its expertise in developing advanced ICT solutions to support people in disadvantage, hospitalized patients, and the elderly with innovative solutions that help them in their everyday tasks and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and stay active, longer. QIRIS’ solutions are dedicated both to the institutional healthcare and to the personal healthcare markets.


QIRIS’ expertise in rapid hardware prototyping enables our customers to rapidly implement and validate hardware/software solutions based on the best tools for accelerating the idea-to-market process.

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